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This is my family. My family is huge, but we are all our individual selves. My family includes my father, Joe , my mother, Terry, my oldest brother, Joey, my oldest sister, Jenny, my sister, Theresa, my brother, Andy, my youngest brother, Jeff, and I. We are a very close family and we all get along great.
This is my oldest brother, Joey. He is thirty years old. Crazy and weird could be two words to describe him. He lives in Eagan with his girlfriend and his daughter, who is three years old. Joey graduated from Blooming Prairie High School, and recently works for UPS as a manager/supervisor. He seems to spend a lot of his money on electronics which is his favorite thing in life.
This is my oldest sister, Jenny. Jenny is going to soon be twenty-nine years old. My sister is kind of weird. She is very funny though. Jenny is one of my closest siblings. She seems to buy me a lot of things also. She lives above the Pizza Cellar in Blooming Prairie. She also attented Blooming Prairie High School and has attented college. She recently works at the Cue Company in Blooming Prairie. Jenny is where I believe I got my love for shopping. She has always taken me shopping. She represents our family very well. This is my other sister, Theresa. Theresa is the individual of the family. She moved to San Francisco, California two years ago to discover the world. She is also twenty-eight years old. In California Theresa cuts and styles hair. She also attented Blooming Prairie High School and went to Riverland College in Austin for cosmetology. My sister has always been the one to adventure off and thats what she is known for in our family.
This is my brother Andy. He is twenty-five years old. He has lived in Blooming Prairie his whole life. Currently he works at Cybex in Owatonna. Andy works a lot, and nobody really sees him too often. You could say he is more of the crazy one of the family. He can be loud and weird at times. He is also a really nice guy.
This is my youngest brother Jeff. Jeff is twenty years old. Being the closest to my age Jeff is my closest sibling. He just got done with college in Mankato and currently works at Snells in Mankato. At Snells Jeff sells cars, and he is good at it. One thing I really admire my brother for is his golfing skills. I have always looked up to my brother for what hes done. Jeff is also a really funny guy. Jeff is probably the most dedicated one of the family.