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Tpc at Sawgrass 17th hole

My Dream Hole

Golf is the most important thing in my life. I don't care about anything as much as I care about golf. I have played golf for approximately five years. This is my fourth year in high school golf. I have played varsity golf since eighth grade, and I hope to make it far in high school golf while I'm here. My goals are getting to state and sometime placing very well. In ninth grade I got fifth in sub-sections, while our team received first and moved onto sections. This year of 2007 going to state is my only standard. Golf is the only sport I play, and I plan to keep playing it well.
2005 Golf Season
My Hero Tiger Woods

The only type of golf I support is Callaway golf. If you ever watch me golf I only wear Callaway, hit Callaway, and use Callaway. Anybody could understand why I do use Callaway as my main clubs because I hit them so well.